24 September 2017

[UPDATE] We're full! | Experience 'The Voice' on 4th October!

Update: Thank you everyone for the great response! We've received tremendous amount of feedback from everyone and we're currently closing all invitations to participate in 'The Voice'.

Hey everyone! Ever had to the chance to experience 'The Voice'? ITC Bintang is having it's 3rd season with many world renowned celebrities on this special occasion! Don't miss out on this special event to meet your most favorite celebrities! Everyone is invited!

We're located in Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur, from 7.30pm onwards on 4th of October. See you there!

25 August 2017

HSSE @ 16th August 2017

ITC Bintang Humorous speech, speech evaluation contest. 

Humorous Speech Contest Winner: Ivan Cheng

 1st Runner up: Pearl Li

 Speech Evaluation Winner: Benny Chia

 Speech Evaluation First Runner Up: Pearl Li

 Speech Evaluation second runner Up: Ivan Cheng

14 August 2017

Club Officer Training @ August 12th 2017

ITC Bintang had the opportunity to head into the Club Officer's training. This training was meant to provide much needed guidance for newly elected officers of each respective individual clubs.

We had great fun all together around as we met officers from the other clubs, shared our experiences and learned from each other.

From the left
  • Patrine Yap Mei Wen, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Alex Choong Wen Hao, Vice President Education
  • Patricia Low Cui Xia, President
  • Adam Wafi, Vice President Public Relation
  • Eddy Lee Wen Hui, Treasurer

Plastic Surgery @ 2nd August 2017

Word of the day: Makeover

Definition: A set of changes that are intended to make a person or place more attractive.
Example: She received a cosmetic makeover at a beauty salon as birthday gift. 

Have you ever had the chance to try plastic surgery? ITC Bintang's theme on 2nd august is Plastic Surgery, a theme that was chosen by our Toastmaster of the evening, Jamie Yung! A surprise birthday was even included during the session!

Online @ 19th July 2017

On July 19th we had an interesting theme of being Online! Many wonderful tales were shared during that time.

 Best Table Topic Speaker: Gabriel

Best Assignment Speaker: Jamie Yung

Best Evaluator: Advanced Communicator Silver, Ivan Cheng
Area P4 Director, Aditratna Shahrul 

General Evaluator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Geoff Andrew.

11 July 2017

Aim to Succeed @ 5th July 2017

This meeting marks a new chapter for ITC bintang as we venture forth with a new term together with a new location. We have set forth our meeting location in the Istana Hotel at Raja Chulan! Here's a preview of how our current meeting room looks like!

 Meeting Room in Hotel Istana

The night started off with our new elected President, Patricia Low with her opening speech. Together with the theme of the day, "Aim to Succeed". 

 patricia low with her first opening speech as the president.

 Justin Jesunathan, immediate past president took on the role as the toastmaster of the evening. 

And finally top it all off, we had the honor of having Christopher Choong, Distinguished Toastmaster from the Mid Valley Toastmasters club to become our general evaluator and providing valuable feedback to the meeting. 
General Evaluator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Christopher Choong

31 May 2017

AGM @ 31 May 2017

Induction of new club members and their mentors for 2016-2017
 Mentor / Mentee Induction (Term 2016-2017)
1. Mentee Adam Wafi ; Mentor Melvin Tham
2. Mentee Jamie Yung ; Mentor Victor Lee
3. Mentee Kee Eu Kim ; Mentor Patrine Yap
4. Mentee Pearl Li ; Mentor Robin Yap
5. Mentee Kheng Heng ; Mentor Justin Jesunathan
6. Tan Shu Xin ; Mentor Ivan Cheng
7. Mentee Tan Yun Xin ; Mentor Alex Choong
8. Mentee Wong Wei Ping ; Mentor Cherie Teng

Congratulation to Patricia Low, the new elected President of ITC Bintang 2017-2018 term

The new elected Excos for 2017-2018 term 
The new Executive Committees for the term 2017-2018
President: Patricia Low
VPE: Alex Choong
VPM: Tsuey Miin
VPPR: Adam Wafi
Secretary: Pearl Li
Treasurer: Eddy Lee
SAA: Patrine Yap 

18 May 2017

First Step @ 17 May 2017

Cyril Jonas, Benny Chia & Christopher Choong were present today to introduce and brief the members about the new Toastmaster International education programme - Pathways. 

It was a fruitful meeting with all of us learning about Pathways. We expect an exciting year ahead with the launch of Pathways.

Furthermore, we also listened to the only assignment speech of the evening from our returning member Chen Gaolan. Her speech of praise of her father definitely touched everyone's heart and provided inspiration to the crowd as she described how her father had supported her in life in her SO2 Speaking in Praise. Her performance was praised by her evaluator Benny Chia.

Well done to all table topics volunteers: Melissa, Jayden (guest), Patrine, Wei Ping, Christine (guest) and Justin KP. 

ITC received the Distinguished Toastmaster Awards from Division P director Cyril Jonas 
DTM Christoper Choong explained to ITC members about new toastmaster programme Pathways

ACB, CL Gaolan with her speech of praise of her father, evaluated by Benny Chia

05 May 2017

Make A Difference @ 3 May 2017

It is not to hard to make a difference, you just have to trust yourself and care about it.
Give yourself a differentiation factor and be brave to make a difference for a better outcome!

This was the message delivered by the TME Eddy Lee in conjunction with the evening theme: Make A Difference.

It was overall a great evening. CC Lina Seow from MIM visited our club as GE. We listened to some great speeches from ice breaker Eu Kim and our returning member Gaolan.

Here are some memorable photos captured during the evening:

Best Table Topics Speaker - Kheng Heng 

Best Assignment Speech Speaker - Gaolan. Congratulations on her return!

24 April 2017

PWC Joint Meeting @ 19 April 2017

The theme of the evening: Out of This World
Word of the evening: Extraordinary

It was the first time ITC had ever joint-meeting with PWC in ITC homeground. We were glad to welcome a huge turnout from PWC Toastmaster Club which made the evening an extraordinary warm one.
The meeting was extraordinary from the beginning till the end.
Seasonal toastmaster Melvin started off the meeting by rallying the crowd to be extraordinary.
We were pleased to have equal participation from ITC and PWC members throughout the meeting.

Table Topics hosted by PWC Deepesh:
1/. PWC Khastik: Is human race a destruction or blessing to the world?
2/. TMI Ehsan: Make love, not war
3/. ITC Benny: Think in or out of the box?
4/. ITC Janet: Being prudent or adventurous?

Assignment Speech:
1/. PWC Khastik with his CC8: National Service, evaluated by ITC Ivan
2/. ITC Eddy with his CC9: Make yourself a bento, evaluated by ITC Robin
3/. PWC Deepesh with his CC9 Act Now, evaluated by ITC Cherie
4/. PWC Jay with his ES3 Make Them Laugh, evaluated by Victor Ong
Special hats off to Jay who put out a one-man comedian show, making the crowd laugh to their ground.

The winners of the day went to:
Best Table Topic : Ehsan
Best Speech: Jay
Best Evaluator: Victor Ong

Last but not least, thanks to DTM Christopher Chong who was our GE of the evening. He provided many excellent feedbacks to the speakers and to the club. We were so honored to have him for the evening!
And fellow new guests: San, Nudhi, Diane & Jia Ying! You are all welcomed to come again to our next meeting! 
Deepesh presenting his group ideas during the opening game session 

Everyone looking on the group presenter  Khartik during the game session

ITC Ivan, Justin and PWC Deepesh 

PWC Khartik and ITC Janet 

Robin, Cherie and Jay 

Guest Jia Ying presenting her feedback towards the end of meeting
Group photo 

20 March 2017

It's all about me @ 15 March 2017

It was an evening of wonderful and high value speeches, which we had the pleasure to listen from:

Tan Xun Yin CC2 - Tattoos, are or aren't self destruction
Ang Chong Wen CC5 - A Friday Evening with Johnny
Patrine Yap CC9 - Less is More
Arif CC10 - Health is Wealth

We were also awed by Area P4 Champion Pearl Li's creative table topic session, where each volunteer had to walk to the computer in front of the room, then pressed the button shown on the screen then the question would pop out together with the word to use.

Thanks to all volunteers, Robin, Penny, Arif, Alvis & Alex who had given their very best!
We also heard some classy evaluation and feedback from Eddy, Alex, Joshua & Justin,for above mentioned speeches.

The winners of the evening were:
Best Table Topics: Penny
Best Speech Assignment: Arif
Best Evaluator: Alex

14 March 2017

Life Long Learning @ 1 March 2017

VPM Alex, as our Toastmaster of the Evening, started the meeting with his usual vibrant smile that immediately cheered up the crowd and his wise advice about life long learning.

Thanks to Jamie Yung who came out with a creative table topic session. She prepared a few cards with different job industry as table topic questions like Petroleum Engineering, Male Nurse, Social Work, Computer Science & Drama Arts.
One of the questions was: What is your perception about male nurse and would you marry a male nurse? The others are similar type of questions  to this.

We have veteran toastmasters like Jay, Benny & Joshua who stood up to the challenge. We also have Patrine & two new guests: Yoyo from Taiwan & Wei Ping. Good job everyone!

The night continued in a high note with assignment speeches. Victor Ong with his ice breaker speech, Pearl Li with her CC10 (praise about mothers) and Jay Ko with his ES2 Resources for Entertainment. (scientist inventing new adhesive chemicals).

Congratulation to first time TT Evaluator Eddy, and our strong evaluators like Benny, Ivan & Cherie.

Overall it is a great night, big congratulation to below winners:
Best Table Topic: Benny Chia
Best Assignment Speech: Pearl Li
Best Evaluator: Benny Chia

26 February 2017

ISTT @ 15 Feb 2017

ISTT Winners :

Table Topics Contest
Champion: Justin Jesunathan
First Runner-up: Alvin Sai
Second Runner-up: Pear Li

Assignment Speech Contest
Champion: Pearl Li
First Runner-up: Justin Jesunathan
Second Runner-up: Alvin Sai

Congratulations to the winners. The Champions & First Runner-ups will represent ITC in the upcoming Area P4 Contest @ 11 March '17.

Big thanks also to the ever-important role players who made the competition a success! We would also like to thank our Chief Judge Cyril Jonas & his team, OC Tsuey Miin and finally our Area Director Robin Yap who helped to coordinate with the role players. 

24 January 2017

Chinese New Year @ 18 Jan 2017

ITC had its early Chinese New Year joint Toastmaster Meeting on the 18th Jan.

We generously gave out free lucky draw money in "red packet" for all volunteered table topic speakers. The room was decorated with lovely red lanterns thanks to our sponsor AD Robin Yap, and our President Justin for setting it up.

We had 3 good speakers for the evening: CC1 Tan Shu Xin, CC8 Patrine and Markus Chee.

Congratulations to the winners of the evening:
Best Table Topic Speaker: Markus
Best Assignment Speaker: Markus
Best Evaluator: Ivan 

07 January 2017

New Year @ 4 Jan 2017

It is a brand new year and it is our first meeting of 2017! 
And let us all hope for more fun and laughter to come in year 2017~

TM Pearl Li kicked start the meeting by urging members to make their new year resolutions.So dear all members, don't forget to input "Attend regularly to Toastmaster Meetings" as one of your new year resolutions. Hahaha

Stand-in TTM Adam with table topics questions like: "What is your new year resolution?", "What did you achieve in 2016?", "What is the one thing you would change in 2017?", "What did you regret most in 2016?"

Well, it was definitely one of the most self-reflecting moment for everyone in the room..
We are proud to have club members Lian See, Joshua, Melissa, and new guests Sky, Intan & Jonathan's dedicated participation in Table Topic Sessions.

For assignment speeches, it was another record-breaking evening as every speaker spoke overtime. 
Probably because it was new year, so everyone had so many things to share with the crowd. 
(Nevertheless, always-strict Exco suggested to set new rules RM 1 penalty from next meeting to those who spoke overtime)

CC5 - Your Body Speaks (Speaker: Justin J | Evaluator: Melvin)
CC8 - Visual Aid (Speaker: Patrine | Evaluator: Alvin)
CC10 - Inspire Your Audience (Speaker: Yosua | Evaluator: Cherie)

ACS, CL Ivan as Table Topics Evaluator
ACB, CL Melvin as Justin's evaluator
CC Alvin as Patrine's evaluator
CTM, CT Cherie as Yosua's evaluator
Our dear president, ACB CL Justin J. with his last minute replacement speech about his New Year Resolution. Well done to Justin with his another impromptu speech!
TM Patrine with her inspiring CC8 speech about being mindful or "mind full". Good use of visual aids: powerpoint, hand-ups and cards 
Congratulations to my mentor CC Yosua with his milestone speech CC10. He talked about his journey in Toastmaster and how he achieved his milestone. He provided inspiring advice for fellow toastmasters about Toastmaster journey

 Well done to our GE of the evening, Ms Intan from UniRazak Toastmaster Club with her energetic and motivating remarks in the end. She also won the best Table Topics. 

Best Table Topics - Intan 
Best Assignment Speech - Yosua
Best Evaluator - Melvin 

Each winner received a "Bottle Gourd" from Ricky's farm
Congratulation to all of them !