03 November 2019

Pitch Black @ 30th October 2019

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a meeting is carried out WITHOUT light?

Last week, we have decided to try out something new to stimulate excitement and greater fun to our club meeting – Meeting in the Dark. I have read this idea from a magazine and decided to give it a try in our club meeting. With highly enthusiastic excos who are always willing to go the extra miles with me and without further hesitation, we decided to try out this wild idea by going all out in just 2 weeks prior to the meeting!

On the actual day, I was late due to heavy downpour in town. As I arrived at level 23 of Hotel Istana, the meeting has already started. Standing outside of the meeting room, it was a little quiet compared to the usual. I gently opened the door. All I could see was pitch black. Boey, our Sergeant-at-arm noted on my arrival and quietly led me into the room while pointing an empty seat to me. I could barely locate my seat based on the weak beam of light penetrated from the door seam. The door was closed immediately after I found my seat, the meeting room was returned to a total dark mode right after that.

Total darkness in the room

Feeling a little uncomfortable in the dark, I was trying hard to look for sources of light penetrating the room, whether it is from the curtain or the door seam. NOTHING. All I could feel was darkness. There was no light at all. I tried to recall the seating plan which I have discussed with the exco team prior to the meeting, however, losing my visual ability made me feeling tense and a little nervous. I couldn’t estimate the crowd in the room, I didn’t know who was sitting next to me. The feeling of uncertainty and discomfort struck me. I could only rely on my hearing to feel the room setting and the crowd.

I could identify the cheerful laugh and the high energy voice from my right was definitely Patricia Yap from Berjaya Toastmasters Club, and I was also almost certain that the low tone voice coming from my left should be our VPM, Desmond Goh. Feeling a little excited and fun, I could almost visualize where I was right now while slowly immersed myself into this dark meeting mode.

Unlike the usual club meeting setting where everyone got to speak in front of the room at the designated speaking area, this time, everyone was speaking at their own seat in order to minimize movement in the room and avoid stumbling. While the table topics speaker was speaking in the room, being the club president, I couldn’t even identify who was this speaker, was this a guest, or a member? I can’t really tell from his voice. A lot of suspense created in this meeting, which was also making the meeting to be a lot more fun.

Our Dark Master (Toastmasters of the Evening) of the meeting, Gabriel Chong has done a wonderful job by successfully taking the entire meeting at his control. Without light in the meeting, Gabriel was really spontaneous in his way of introducing the speakers and evaluators in each session. He invited speakers to introduce and read out their speech titles during each session to ease his job in the dark – smart move!

5 courageous prepared assignment speakers were up for this challenge to speak in the dark – including Rozana, a new member who was delivering her first speech in the club. The dark meeting has increased the level of difficulty of speech delivery as no visual aids is allowed. They were not able to use body movement or facial expressions to enhance their speech delivery, but in return, all they could leverage was only their vocal variety or volume control. It was like radio podcast, voice is the only element which connects the speaker and audience.

The highlight of the meeting was definitely the horror story telling session by the master of Horror Story teller – Ken Yeong from Maxis Toastmasters Club. Apart from his flexible vocal variety and volume control in delivering his story, he even added external sound factors like bottle wrecking sound or objects dropping on the floor while slowly leading us to the climax of his story. The way he created suspense in his “midnight podcast” session was done intelligently and drew a lot of shouting in the room. He even created goosebumps in his listeners as he eerily describes the silent midnight Grab passenger. He has successfully painted the horror image in the audience mind as if we were watching a horror movie in the cinema. At the end, he won the best speaker undoubtedly.

“Ding” – our timer Ling Keat has rung the bell to indicate that time’s up. No signal of light will be given but only multiple taps of bell ring. Ling Keat has carefully hide his phone light under the table while timing each speaker in order to ensure smoothness and no light disruption during the entire dark meeting. 

Without disruption from external factors like smartphones or ability to multitask during the meeting, the meeting has turned out to be very engaging. No phone, no note taking, no photography. All we could do was listen, focus, and cheer for each other. I was totally immersed in the entire meeting.

Although the meeting was done in the dark, all speakers have done tremendously well in their speech delivery with high standards like a usual club meeting. This proved that darkness would never be a barrier to speech delivery. All we need is to make up our speech with other elements like vocal variety or pitch control.

At the end of the meeting, the light was turned on gently by SAA as instructed by the Dark Master of the night. Meeting ended with group photo taken after the light on.

Group Photo at the end of the meeting

Group Photo during Tea Break

This would definitely be one of the most unforgettable meeting experiences in my toastmasters journey. Kudos to all Dark Knights of the meeting, thank you everyone for making this happen.
ITC Bintang rocks!

Tsuey Miin
President of ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club 2019/2020

27 June 2018

Celebrations @ 20th June 2018

It is the final term of 2017/2018. To end off the current exco's term, our next president, Eddy Lee hosts as the toastmaster of the evening. To celebrate the occasion off, the theme 'Celebrations' has been selected and Eddy can be seen with Baju Melayu to commemorate the recent Hari Raya festivals.

In Addition, we also have a special award that is given to the end of each term known as the Toastmaster of the Year Award. In this special occasion, we have our president, Patricia who managed to obtain the award to recognize all the effort and hard-work that she has placed into ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club.

We also have our senior members of the club to thank for. Our 'Council of Senior Members' aid in coaching and giving advises to the newer members of the club and guide them upon the path of being a toastmaster, sharing their expertise and experience throughout the journey.

Lastly, a celebration isn't a celebration without a cake to go with it. In appreciation to Patricia Low on behalf of ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

17 April 2018

Easter, Day of Remembrance @ 4th April 2018

Easter, a day for remembrance. A festival that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. The toastmaster of the evening, Ivan Cheng has picked this theme seeing that Easter has just passed not long ago and what a better way to educate for those who don't really celebrate Easter, on what Easter is all about.

Ivan Cheng (ACS, CL) with his opening remark on Easter.

Pop Quiz! When was Toastmasters International officially formed? A Surprise question by our President in conjunction with our current theme of Remembrance.
Cherrie managed to answer it correctly, the date was October 22, 1924. 

 Alvin, giving his icebreaker on his Level 1 Pathway Speech.

Tsuey Miin attempting her CC7,introducing us on what 'Slash' is all about!

Our Guest, Selena managed to snatch the Best Table Topics Speaker for the evening!

 Tsuey Miin won the Best Speaker with her Slash topic!

 Eddy Lee (CC), winning the Best Evaluator for the evening!

 Lina Seow (CC), VPPR of MIM Toastmasters Club as our General Evaluator for the Evening!

Joy of Giving @ 21st March 2018

This week, we're having theme of "Joy of Giving" chosen by this week's Toastmaster of the Evening, Melvin Tham. Sometimes, it's better to give than to receive knowing that you've made someone's day by giving. When was the last time you gave something away to someone?

Eu Kim doing her Pathway Lvl 1 Speech. 

Prem (CC), giving his Presenting An Award speech

Alex Choong (CC, CL), being awarded for the best Table Topic Speaker.

 Ivan Cheng (ACS, CL), being awarded the best assignment speaker for the evening. 

Back To Work @ March 7th 2018

It's been an exciting long holiday since Chinese New Year and what a better way to celebrate than coming back to Toastmasters for yet another awesome meeting! The toastmasters of the evening has selected the theme of "Back To Work". Are you ready to come back to work!?

Toastmaster of the evening, Eddy Lee (CC) providing the opening address

 Gan Fei Fei reading out one of the topics being the Table Topic Master. 

 Daniel Lee giving his assignment pathways speech. 

 Benny Lee (DTM), Sharing his Area P2 Championship speech.

 Our best Table Topic Speaker goes to our guest for the evening!

 Best Assignment speech goes to Pearl Li (CC)

 Best Evaluator goes to Melvin Tham (ACB, CL)

 Our newest member for the evening, Jenn Woei 
 General Evaluator for the Evening, Division P Director of District 51, Kevin Wu (ACS, CL)

09 February 2018

Chinese new year @ 8th Feb 2018

Hey everyone! Chinese new year is just around the corner, and what a better way to celebrate it in ITC Bintang and experience it first hand here! The room was decorated auspiciously with red all around and we even had a guest speaker that was from the Melbourne University Toastmasters Club to provide a sharing session about tips on speech contests and evaluation!

Ng Kwang Liong (ACB,CL) providing his sharing session

The day then started off with our table topics session where our president who coincidentally was our table topics masters of the day, gave us a different type of table topic, one where fortune cookies are introduced and you would then have to talk about what you got inside the fortune cookie!
Patricia (CC,CL) displaying the fortune cookie for the table topic session!

With the evening so sparked up, we had a great time with the cookies and also the assignment speeches that was given for the day was fantastic too! 

Josh (ACG,CL), Area P2 Director won the best table topic speaker!

 Eliv winning the best speaker speech with 'Dieting, does it really work?'

 Ng Kwang Liong (ACB,CL) Winning the best Evaluator for the evening!

 A special thanks to our General Evaluator for the evening Ching Lee Hwa (ACB,ALB)
Pearl Li (CC) accepting the award for completing Level 1 and Level 2 in Pathways!

We have had a fantastic evening that night and if you have the chance to drop by, do come over! 

Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a great Happy Chinese New Year from all of us in ITC Bintang.

06 February 2018

International Speech & Table Topics Contest @ 17th January 2018

ITC Bintang has held its international speech & table topics. It was a marvelous time hearing all the different speeches from various talented toastmasters! Check out below on who won the contest!

First and foremost, a big thank you to the technical counter below who helped out on the overall flow of the contest!

Table Topic Winners

1st Place: Benny Chia
2nd Place: Ivan Cheng
3rd Place: Chen Gaolan

Speech Contest Winners:

1st Place: Benny Chia
2nd Place: Ivan  Cheng
3rd Place: Adam Wafi 

Congratulations to the winners and good luck competing in the next competition! ITC Bintang will be rooting for you guys!

Also not to forget that Benny Chia is sponsoring tickets to a concert as well, here are some of the lucky winners of the lucky draw, congratulations!

Ignite @ 3rd January 2018

Happy new year fellow guests and toastmasters! With our first meeting of the week, we've decided to ignite things up here for our very first meeting! The theme for this week was Happy New Year! Were your resolutions for last year met? Check out the details on what happened below!

 Eliv giving her assignment speech (Level 1)

 Fei Fei giving her assignment speech (Level 1)

 Pearl Li (CC) giving her assignment speech (Level 2)

 Fei Fei winning the Best Speaker for the day.

 Benny Chia (DTM), the best Evaluator for the day.

 Our latest addition to ITC Bintang, Raymond! 

 General Evaluator for the day, Dinesh (ACG, ALB)