11 December 2017

The Gift of Friendship @ 6th December

This week's theme was about the Gift of Friendship, Robin as the Toastmaster of the evening, reminded us about thanking our friends and started off by thanking the person next to us. It was a great gesture to remind us about the importance of friendship.

We had a guest speaker, Adam Farid during this time as well who came and shared about his experiences as an emcee for 6 years!

 However, Robin had decided to surprise us by having a special gift to whoever could guess the who was the current chairman of Toastmaster, Patricia managed to get it right, however, being inspired by the speech that our guest that shared his star of his life, Patricia decided to give it to Alvis who was our guest at that time of Eliv.

 Alvis & Eliv being inspired by the star of his life!

 Alvis, our guest who won the best table topic speaker for that evening. 
Ivan Cheng (ACS, CL) who won the Best Speaker.

 Gabriel Chong (ACB,ALB) winning the best evaluator.
 Adiratna (ACG, ALB) who was our General Evaluator for the evening.  
  Alvis, our latest addition to ITC Bintang! Welcome to the family!

Escape Room @ 1st December

During this holiday, ITC Bintang has organized a trip to Berjaya Time Square to challenge upon the Escape Room! Additionally, we would have a dinner together at Vivo's Restaurant followed by watching the Justice League movie!

We started off with the escape room.

With the team set on arrival during that time, we've formed 2 teams. The following team organization was the following.
Team A: From Left ( Jack, Patricia, Cherrie, Tsuey Miin, Melvin )

 Team B: From Left ( Robin, Kheng Heng, Eu Kim, Eddy, Adam, Ivan) 
Eu Kim being the only girl has automatically made her the lady boss at that time as well! The day went on and team A took on the challenge of the Wonderland where as Team B took on the Chocolate Factory! Unfortunately, both team did not manage to complete the trial in time, but we definitely had a lot of fun and team building during that session!

We then moved on to having dinner and followed by the movie session for that evening. Even though we did not manage to triumph against the challenge, but it has definitely taught us much about teamwork during and the best thing was we had a lot of fun there!

Reflection @ 29th November

Hello everyone! This week it's the theme of reflection, and with this ITC bintang is more than delighted to have Benny Chia to be a Distinguished Toastmaster followed by Robin Yap who has gotten the President's Distinguished Area Award (2016-2017).

Benny Chia, Distinguished Toastmaster
Robin Yap with his Presidential Distinguished Area Award.

Pearl Li who was our toastmaster of the evening, started off with a very interesting theme about Reflection. It was definitely a good time to reflect upon ourselves as Pearl started off with a question to everyone on reflection that caught us off guard!

Toastmaster Pearl Li, Toastmaster of the Evening

However, later that evening, Robin managed to snatch the best table topic speaker once more.

Chen Gao Lan(ACB, CL) as the best speaker for that evening.
 Melvin Tham (ACB, CL) who was voted as the best evaluator
 Geoff Andrew (DTM) as our General Evaluator

20 November 2017

you can, if you believe you can @ 15th November 2017

This meeting, we had a special theme of you can, if you believe you can! It was theme that the toastmaster of the evening on that day, Adam, had decided to go for. He wanted to remind people that as long as they believe that they believe they can, anything is possible as long as we did not give up during that time. Additionally, I believe the story that Adam shared about his experience during his 'Room Service' session was a tale to remember! However, this time we had a special surprise during this meeting as well, once more, sponsored by Benny, 3 tickets to see Celist on 17th November, 9pm onwards. Similar to the previous meeting, whoever was voted as the best table topic speaker, assignment speaker and evaluator would be then granted the tickets! We even had guests from Maxis Toastmasters Club who were one of the winners!

 Table topics winner, Ken from Maxis Toastmasters Club!

 Pearl Li managed to be voted as the best speaker for that evening!

Melvin who was voted as the best evaluator for that evening!

13th November @ KL Live (Tinariwen Concert)

An evening that cannot be forgotten, first and foremost, we'd like to thank once more to Benny Chia for sponsoring these tickets! It was an amazing evening during that night and personally the music that we've heard during that time was phenomenal. Words could not describe the music they have played which was utterly perfect. Thanks to Benny, a few of us managed to head to the concert on 13th November when Tinariwen was playing.

Tinariwen playing their music during the concert!

A photo of us before we head into the concert, did I mention that one of the organizers from Pusaka are twins? We hope that there'll be yet another great opportunity to see Tinariwen once more in the future!

HOLIDAY SEASON @ 8th November

This time, the toastmaster of the evening, Eddy has chosen a wonderful theme! Seeing that the holiday season is coming soon for all of us, the theme this week definitely brings joy and laughter to all of us during this time with many interesting topics of table topics by our Table Topics Master Jamie! We even had a special surprise from Benny Chia who sponsored 3 tickets to a concert to Tinariwen on that was on 13th November! Whoever was crown best table topic speaker, best speaker and best evaluator for that evening would get the tickets to see the concert! More news on that in a little bit later! This time we even have guest that were from Pusaka which is a non-profit organization, which works to support the continuity and viability of traditional performance arts in Malaysia. Pusaka works intimately with the most distinguished traditional performers to revitalize their living heritage and pass it on to the next generation.

A group photo together with Pusaka members!

 Best Table Topic Speaker goes to Robin!

 Best Assignment Speech for that evening goes to Adam Wafi!

 Best Evaluator for that evening was Ivan Cheng (ACS, CL).

 A thank you gift to our general evaluator for that evening, Gerard Peter (ACG, CL)
To finish off with the evening, we even had 3 new members that have joined the club! From left Holding the red ribbon, ( Eliv, Christina, Jack)

24 September 2017

[UPDATE] We're full! | Experience 'The Voice' on 4th October!

Update: Thank you everyone for the great response! We've received tremendous amount of feedback from everyone and we're currently closing all invitations to participate in 'The Voice'.

Hey everyone! Ever had to the chance to experience 'The Voice'? ITC Bintang is having it's 3rd season with many world renowned celebrities on this special occasion! Don't miss out on this special event to meet your most favorite celebrities! Everyone is invited!

We're located in Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur, from 7.30pm onwards on 4th of October. See you there!

25 August 2017

HSSE @ 16th August 2017

ITC Bintang Humorous speech, speech evaluation contest. 

Humorous Speech Contest Winner: Ivan Cheng

 1st Runner up: Pearl Li

 Speech Evaluation Winner: Benny Chia

 Speech Evaluation First Runner Up: Pearl Li

 Speech Evaluation second runner Up: Ivan Cheng

14 August 2017

Club Officer Training @ August 12th 2017

ITC Bintang had the opportunity to head into the Club Officer's training. This training was meant to provide much needed guidance for newly elected officers of each respective individual clubs.

We had great fun all together around as we met officers from the other clubs, shared our experiences and learned from each other.

From the left
  • Patrine Yap Mei Wen, Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Alex Choong Wen Hao, Vice President Education
  • Patricia Low Cui Xia, President
  • Adam Wafi, Vice President Public Relation
  • Eddy Lee Wen Hui, Treasurer

Plastic Surgery @ 2nd August 2017

Word of the day: Makeover

Definition: A set of changes that are intended to make a person or place more attractive.
Example: She received a cosmetic makeover at a beauty salon as birthday gift. 

Have you ever had the chance to try plastic surgery? ITC Bintang's theme on 2nd august is Plastic Surgery, a theme that was chosen by our Toastmaster of the evening, Jamie Yung! A surprise birthday was even included during the session!

Online @ 19th July 2017

On July 19th we had an interesting theme of being Online! Many wonderful tales were shared during that time.

 Best Table Topic Speaker: Gabriel

Best Assignment Speaker: Jamie Yung

Best Evaluator: Advanced Communicator Silver, Ivan Cheng
Area P4 Director, Aditratna Shahrul 

General Evaluator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Geoff Andrew.